RunFlat International has been growing year-on-year by offering products which technically differentiate with the competition on criteria established with our Customers!

Comparing RunFlat Systems

Not all RunFlat systems are the same...Pictured here are our 50km Dynamic System for a Toyota Land Cruiser (in blue) and the equivalent product from another leading manufacturer. Our RunFlat Tyre Inserts are physically and dimensionally sturdier. Their patented fixings ensure that no movement between the segments is permissible whilst being fast and easy to fit. RunFlat International does not compromise on safety and performance. RunFlat International Advantages

  • Technical
  • Economical
  • Customer Focus
  • Endurance


    Easyfit Runflats

    Our systems are easy to fit in a few minutes without special and expensive tools or presses. This allows in-theatre changes. Our Dynamic Systems are also particularly safe to fit as it is not necessary to insert one’s fingers inside the tyre during assembly.


    Our products are lighter due to their design and our proprietary material. Our Static Systems typically offer more than 20% weight saving over rubber products. For further weight savings, heavy multi-piece wheels and rubber products may be replaced by Dynamic Systems on single-piece wheels.


    Our RunFlats are reusable; it can be fitted on the same or another wheel rim whether it has been operated in run flat mode or not. This Static RunFlat has already covered 60km in run flat mode. It can be refitted to another or the same vehicle with ease. Only a visual inspection is necessary to detect severe damage which may have been caused by a bomb blast or shooting.

    Anti Ballistics

    Antiballistic Resistance proprietary composite has been specifically designed to offer exceptional antiballistic resistance.Typically the material does not shatter in bits when it is fired (even near the edges of the system); it flexes, absorbs the energy of the bullet and partially heals back, even at freezing temperatures.


    Comparative tests carried out in collaboration with our customers around the World consistently highlight a clear advantage for our products over the competition in terms of the quality of the vehicle handling and the distance covered in run flat mode on and off road.The unrivalled performance of our products in run flat mode is down to our uncompromised approach to quality


    Both our Static and Dynamic RunFlat systems are manufactured out of our proprietary polymers which do not perish overtime unlike rubber compounds. Besides the bulky design of our systems, including our Tyloks, ensures that our products are unlikely to break and last a long time, usually the whole life of the vehicle.