Wheels and Runflat accessories

Wheels and Runflat accessories

Not Only RunFlats, Complete Wheel Packages:

RunFlat International have built their security and mobility expertise on the concept of overall tyre protection. This now goes beyond the RunFlat system in our offering of complete wheel solutions, which are fitted, balanced and inflated at RunFlat International.

By offering a finished solution, the customer can be confident that the RunFlat system has been fitted correctly and ensurers the wheel, RunFlat system and tyre assembly can be fitted straight onto the vehicle.


RunFlat International offer a range of military and security wheel through our sister company Wheels International, which offer the following advantages:

  • Lightweight, high load capacity - uprated wheels designed to cope with the increased loads and stresses that occur when a vehicle is armoured.
  • Custom design - wheel designs tailored to meet the brief in terms of size, load capacity, clearance, brake system cooling/protection
  • Full integration - RunFlat Systems, pressure sensors (TPMS) or CTIS systems
  • Corrosion resistance - Excellent corrosion resistance and extreme fatigue capability
  • Tyre sourcing - able to source tyres from tyre manufacturers around the world
  • In house fitting and assembly - complete wheels available as turn key componenets

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