Standard production wheels are rarely suitable for modified vehicle operations. Either they cannot carry the additional weight resulting from modification or they are not suitable for RunFlat applications. Through our sister company Wheels International, we are able to offer a wide range of aluminium and steel single piece wheels for military and security vehicles.

Runflat International offer high load cast aluminium wheels for some of the most popular armoured vehicles including Toyota Landcruiser (up to 1.85T load rating), Toyota Hilux, Nissan Patrol, Mercedes G Wagon, Mercedes S Class, Audi A8, Ford F550 etc.


Standard wheels fitted to the OEM vehicles are not manufactured to deal with the increased weight and forces which occur when the gross vehicle weight is increased, which can lead to wheel cracking and failure.

Runflat International offer a range of lightweight uprated wheels (with 2 safety humps for optimal runflat performance) for these military and security vehicles, designed to cope with the increased loads and stresses that occur when a vehicle is armoured.


Custom Wheels

Runflat International can also offer bespoke wheel manufacturing to suit the end-users requirements. With full European manufacturing facilities, Runflat International have CAD and FEA modelling facilities and can supply forged/cast alloy and steel wheels manufactured using the highest quality automotive standards and can ensure complete control and traceability throughout the process



Runflat International supply a wide range of armies, armoured vehicle manufacturers, police forces and high profile organisations either directly or through Wheels International.

All our single piece wheels are designed and manufactured to the most stringent automotive standards (ISO 14001, TUV etc), assuring quality and traceability throughout the manufacturing process. Runflat International even offer wheels for the highly regulated public transit market (metro, airport shuttle etc)



Our wheels are designed to be fitted with RunFlat International’s approved RunFlat Systems and can be supplied ready fitted with tyres or separately.

For single piece wheels our Dynamic RunFlat System is required, which is lightweight and easy to fit on a standard tyre fitting machine.