The Beadlock System is designed to increase the mobility of a wheeled vehicle operating in soft terrain such as sand, mud or snow and increase traction whilst also preventing the wheel coming off the rim.

Beadlock System is a one piece cylindrical polymer, which fits around the wheel rim and secures the bead of the tyre against the wheel. By preventing the tyre from moving inwards the Beadlock System ensures the tyre and wheel rotate together in low pressure situations, increasing mobility and traction.


Our Beadlock System offers the following advantages;

  • Being made from a single piece polymer, the Beadlock System material does not degrade over time (unlike rubber Beadlock Systems), which means the Beadlock System can be expected to last a large number of years.
  • The Beadlock System is very easy to fit and can be installed into 2 or 3 piece wheels with no specialist tools.
  • It is also lightweight, providing a weight saving of around 20% over rubber equivalents.
  • CTIS compatible


The Beadlock System can be designed to suit any multi piece wheel and tyre combination and can be expected to allow the vehicle to cover up to 5km with a deflated tyre.