Proud of its 200-year-old heritage, RunFlat International also has all the attributes of a small business: responsiveness, focussed expertise and ease to do business with.


RunFlat International was established in 2001 as a subsidiary of its parent company Westley Plastics using its leading edge polymer technology to exclusively develop run-flat tyre insert systems.


RunFlat International originates from Westley Group, a European leading non-ferrous foundry and engineering group since the beginning of the 19th century in the cradle of the industrial revolution.


Westley Plastics was started in the 1960’s, developing polymer technologies to replace heavier, more expensive and less wear-resistant metal products.


RunFlat International is a subsidiary and partner of Westley Plastics which specialises exclusively in run-flat systems. Our composite material has been developed and is processed specifically for run-flat applications while our products are subject to multiple patents.


Recently Wheels International was established to work in parallel with RunFlat International and specialise in lightweight, high load military/security alloy and steel wheels manufactured in Europe.


Operational Excellence

RunFlat International offers the flexibility and fast responsiveness of a small business whilst relying on operational excellence through state of the art machinery, polymerisation expertise and regularly audited quality standards (ISO9001, etc...). This results in outstanding customer service and impeccable product quality.